Ethical Trading Policy

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Summary Statement

Krowmark Workwear understands the importance of fair trading within our supply chain and working conditions within the work place. We always strive to buy from reputable brands so that we can be confident in the knowledge that they share our values, such as;

  • Fair Wages
  • Work Practice
  • Environmental Impact
  • Child Labour

Krowmark workwear are not alone in our search for equality, Oeko-tex and WRAP set the industry standards globally, giving us peace of mind when purchasing from our favourite brands. Oeko-tex standardises global testing and awards certificates of compliance to work clothing at all stages of production.

WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) focuses primarily with the lawful employment and treatment of workers. WRAP are also heavily involved on environmental issues, freedom of trade, third party complaints and did we mention they are a non profit organisation? We also look out for SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) register companies who we can rely on to take responsibility in our globalised world.

Brands we utilise that are reflective of Ethical Trading Policy

01 Dickies
02 Caterpillar
03 DeWalt
04 Finden Hales
05 Front Row Clothing
06 Fruit Of The Loom
07 Gildan
08 Helly Hansen
09 Henbury
10 JCB
11 Kustom Kit
12 Portwest
13 Premier
14 Uneek

01. Dickiesfocus towards environmental impact and their responsibility in reducing waste. They aim to ‘RRR’ (reduce, reuse, recycle) and to work closely with environmental personnel to keep up to date and investigate future ideas towards environmental improvements.

02. Caterpillar CAT Industrial Clothing has released an annual sustainability report detailing performance and highlights areas that shows development towards the company’s ‘green’ targets. This report has been established since 2005.

03. Dewalt lead the way on health & safety within the work place. Throughout their manufacturing process not only are pollution issues important but the implementation of new safer manufacturing machinery and management is paramount.

04. Finden Hales are setting the standards in working standards and conditions. They are of utmost importance that all workers are not only treated fairly under company regulations but also local country laws which affect the work force.

05. Front Row Clothing offer the sensible side of UK manufacturing offering products which “stand the test of time” ensuring products can stand the test of time and strain of the workplace.

06. Fruit Of The Loom are pushing ‘The Fruit Code’ which employs recognition towards the local communities where factories are placed and environmental issues on a local bases and worldwide concerns such as product transport.

07. Gildan embrace a more structure approach to corporate responsibility and were recently awarded as one of Canada’s top 50 environmentally friendly employers. Furthermore Gildan look deeply into product implications both locally and globally, environment, communities and workers and the infrastructure of the company to ensure fairness throughout production.

08. Helly Hansen ever since the foundations of the company in 1877 the business has been built on relationships, trust and mutual respect. Nothing is different today, Helly Hansen continues to ensure the countries they deal in or with are favourable of human rights, the labour market is fair and corporate bribery is not on the agenda. Moreover their environmental applications continue to play a large part in the sporting world.

09. Henbury focuses on creating the right relationships with the right companies and thorough inspections of work facilities. Wages and hours of work are top of the agenda for Henbury who warrant that work hours must be under that set by the government in the country in question.

10. JCB from a clothing perspective are mostly concerned with communities and the education of their work force, JCB believe this is key to health and safety at work.

11. Kustom Kit is dedicated to inspecting their whole supply chain and approving each aspect personally. Their attention to detail within the company structure both on a worker level and environmental are filtered down through the supply chain.

12. Portwest take over 100 years of service to the work wear industry and include their own morals and ethics to support the growing Portwest brand. With factories in both China and Europe the importance of equality between the work locations is paramount.

13. Premier have taken ethical responsibility to the next level with a future proof plan and mission to cover all areas of globalisation and interferences within the work place. From fabrics to employment Premier has an opinion.

14. Uneek translate ethical policy on a grand scale, they own their factories outright which enables Uneek to manage their ethical policy more closely and with better precision. They believe their ethos both factory side and client are the key to success.